A1 Drylining and Plastering Services Offered

Our team is highly experienced at providing drylining and plastering for new builds, retail outlets, hotels, offices, warehouse units, residential buildings, flats, showrooms, hospitals and studios.

MF Ceilings

Metal frame ceilings can be installed to any height and fixed to any structural soffit, an ideal way to accommodate services and to get a perfectly flat ceiling.

Metal Partition Walls 

This installation can reduce labour costs substantially. Installed with the use of lasers, you will achieve a plumb wall that is also a sturdy structure.


Plasterboard can be mechanically fixed to timber or our metal systems on both walls and ceilings.

Fire Shaft Walls

Essentially a stud wall around a shaft but with the correct materials and a professional installation, this will meet all the regulated fire retention standards.


We work closely with our sound technicians to provide a solution for all noise issues. We only work with tried and tested materials to ensure we achieve the required result.


We offer a wide range of solutions for all fireproofing and fire stopping requirements. Where new or existing services are run or during refurbishing, we will bring your site back up to meet current regulation standards using only approved materials and installation methods.

Tape and Jointing

An alternative to plastering, this is a speedy solution and will achieve an excellent finish to rival that of a plastered finish. This also saves costs on your project and achieves the required result in a much faster time frame.

Plastering Works 

We deliver an excellent finish every time with care and attention applied to every job. Whatever your plastering needs, we will have the right solution for you.

Coffer Lighting 

We carry out work including Coffer lighting details which sets us aside from normal drylining companies as we can create or work with intricate designs that clients could have only dreamed of previously.